Forerunners Ink is a writing and editing company that supports Christian, Motivational, and Inspirational authors. Founded by Jennifer Lee, a writer with a passion for inspiration-focused freelance writing, Forerunners Ink has grown to provide services for authors who desire to help others make life-affirming choices.

As a black woman-owned company, we provide a unique, shared multicultural perspective with authors who belong to underserved communities. You can trust that we provide the understanding and cultural identification seldom found elsewhere.

Our very name was inspired by John the Baptist, the preeminent forerunner for Christ who cleared the way for His message to be heard. In that same vein, we work closely with authors to help their messages resonate with a wide audience.

With our specialized expertise and personalized services, we will serve as your forerunner and clear the path for your unique, authentic, and affirming message to be heard in a way that resonates with all.

About Jennifer Lee,
Writer and Founder

Jennifer has a genuine desire to help motivational authors thrive and fulfill their purpose. With over two decades of experience as a writer and communications expert, Jennifer connects with her clients with warmth, patience, and kindness.

Jennifer, who earned a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in writing, has ghost-written and edited dozens of books, written and edited hundreds of articles, and touts a proficiency in Christian and inspirational writing, personal and professional development writing, and newsletters. 

So many authors have the passion and excitement to publish their book but may lack the tools. Jennifer has the experience and desire to genuinely connect with authors from a place of compassion and understanding.

I am passionate about storytelling and helping inspirational authors give birth to the life-affirming messages within them.

Download the guide: Five Tips for Writing Strong Sentences.

Download the guide: Five Tips for Writing Strong Sentences.

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