Hiring a genre specific author is essential to your success.

Nov 18, 2020 | Uncategorized

Selecting an editor is serious business, especially when publishing a book close to your heart. An editor has a significant role in the outcome of your book. You trust their expertise to ensure that the best version of your work is released to the public. You do not want to take this decision lightly!

The book editing process involves so much more than spellcheck, grammar, and word flow suggestions. It is about releasing work that resonates with your audience.  Hiring an editor who does not understand your voice can result in your message being lost in translation to your readers. As a source of inspiration for others, this is the last thing you want.

Why specialty matters. When an editor focuses on several genres, they may be proficient in them all, but they can only meet your needs at a surface level. For example, your primary care doctor graduated from medical school, passed their board exams, and can likely handle many of your concerns. However, when there is an issue that requires more expertise, they refer you to a specialist.

Now think of this when choosing an editor for your book. Any book editor may give you acceptable results, but an editor that specializes in a specific genre can take your manuscript to the next level.

All books are not created equal. There are nuances that may apply to your genre that you may not think to consider, but an expert will. The editing process is also different for each book. Some may require additional detail while others should be more succinct. Working with an editor who understands this could be the difference between a best seller and a book that misses the mark on connecting with audiences.

Experiences matter – Choosing an editor that can truly identify with you, whether it be by culture, gender, or shared experiences is a secret weapon we don’t hear much about. Our cultural experiences shape the lens through which we view life. Choosing an editor that identifies with you in a way that matters most can enhance the quality of your finished product and result in a smoother editing process.

Working with an editor that specializes in your genre and identifies with you is a winning combination! At Forerunners Ink, we are committed to helping you tell your story in a way that uniquely reflects your voice.

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